Bits2beat – Predictive Analytics is a French DeepTech startup company, spinning off out of Inria research labs based in Bordeaux, and working in the digital Health Care sector.

Its purpose is the design of a medical software (SaMD), intended for doctors and their patients, delivering predictive diagnostic aid based on the analysis of heart rhythm. Its goal is the early detection of the most common asymptomatic cardiovascular diseases and the prevention of accidents. The impact of these pathologies on the population is very negative with several million deaths or disabilities each year in France (about 15% of all causes of death).

The value proposition of Bits2Beat Predictive Analytics is the integration of its software to consumer devices (smartphones, webcams, smart wrist bands, etc.), whose coverage is almost universal and the use very ergonomic, while integrating transversally to the entire healthcare pathway, from early detection to post-diagnosis or post-operative follow-up.

Bits2Beat has set itself the short-term objective of developing a demonstrator that can be deployed in particular in hospital structures and in partner doctor’s offices, but also tested by voluntary individuals.

The personalised follow-up aims for predictive monitoring of treatment, which our company is developing with its proprietary technology. It’s a major R&D challenge for all companies in this sector of medicine to honor the promise known as 6P (Personalisation, Prediction, Prevention, care Pathway, Participation, Precision).

The company is now comprised of its two co-founders, Guillaume Attuel and Édouard Kleinpeter, supported in the TechnoWest incubator in Bordeaux. A first proof of concept has been established at Inria, based on the academic work and the first software developments of the two co-founders.